Name ali alali
Phone ٦٥٩٢٠٣٣٣
Start Service Date 2008-06-01T19:09:00.000Z
End Service Date 2022-08-01T19:09:00.000Z
Salary 4000 دينار
working Status terminated
Reason for termination of service normalServiceTermination
Total vacations and absences are paid 0
Total unpaid vacations and absences 75
Number Of Days Of Service 5175 يوم
The Number Of Vacation Days 419 يوم
The Number Of Days The Service Ends 309 يوم
Workday Rate 153.85 دينار
The Total Number Of Vacation Days 64463.00 دينار
Total End Service 47539 دينار
Dues were calculated by (العربية) حقي.كوم